"*** out of Four Stars"

"With such a wealth of entertainment and variety waiting beyond every click, I can't help but think that younger audiences may find much to love amid the relentless nostalgia as well."

"Regardless of what you like or what you're in the mood for at that second, Retro World usually has something ready for you, and you could spend a few hours here before sampling all the game currently has available."

"The concept brims with potential, and a hundred possibilities lie behind each beloved program from the 40 years in question."

"For now, though, just enjoy the show. It's a good one."

"*** out of Four Stars"

"Most of the graphics in Retro World are still images, mixing real actors with virtual objects and sets, but animation sequences and music helps to bring the stories to life."

"Retro World should provide hours of enjoyable, lighthearted gameplay."