Over the course of his 25+ year career in the entertainmentsoftware industry, F.J. Lennon has been involved in the development of 50 original computer games and educational software titles. He has been the sole author or head writer of 20 of those products. Here is a look at some of his notable game credits:

TITLE Ripper
DEVELOPED BY Take 2 Interactive
PUBLISHED BY Take 2 Interactive
ROLE Producer, Co-Designer, Head Writer

DESCRIPTION A full-motion-video adventure game starring Christopher Walken, Burgess Meredith, Karen Allen, and Paul Giamatti. A futuristic serial-killer patterned after the original Jack the Ripper is killing his victims through cyberspace. The player assumes the role of a crack reporter out to end the murders and reveal the true identity of the Ripper.

RECOLLECTIONS With the advent of the CD-ROM, huge technological advances in gaming were occurring right at this time. Suddenly game budgets skyrocketed as companies raced to incorporate live action footage and sign movie stars for games. With some Hollywood heavyweights in the Ripper cast, the stakes were high on this one. Writing for Christopher Walken and Burgess Meredith was intimidating as hell, and the entire production was very chaotic and stressful because we were all flying by the seat of our pants trying to wrangle new technology to create a new genre of adventure game. There were at least 50 largely unknown New York-based actors appearing in the game, but the single one who broke out to become a big star was Paul Giamatti. He oozed talent even back then—took a throwaway character and made him memorable.

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“With it’s fresh, fast-paced story, its first-rate cast and graphics, Ripper looks like it could be one of the most provocative and compelling games of the year.”

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