Over the course of his 25+ year career in the entertainmentsoftware industry, F.J. Lennon has been involved in the development of 50 original computer games and educational software titles. He has been the sole author or head writer of 20 of those products. Here is a look at some of his notable game credits:

TITLE Soul Trapper
DEVELOPED FOR THE IPHONE BY: Realtime Associates Inc.
ROLE Designer, Writer

DESCRIPTION Soul Trapper is a 3+ hour interactive audio adventure that follows the turbulent life of Kane Pryce, a 27 year-old drifter who possess a mysterious device known as the Soul Trap, a supernaturally charged object that allows him to hunt down, capture, and send ghosts from the earthly realm to the afterlife. Don your headphones and follow alongside Kane as he navigates a chilling maze of gangsters, ghosts, dames, and demons. Immerse yourself in Episode One and help Kane unlock mysteries surrounding a haunted church that stirs newfound emotions and sends Kane on a perilous journey where no man has gone before. Well, no living man!

RECOLLECTIONS It was exciting to work on a game for a device that wasn’t even on the market yet (iPhone). It was a seat-of-our-pants challenge. Working with Realtime Associates, I was able to blend design elements of old text adventure games with the storytelling elements of vintage radio dramas to create an entirely new genre—the interactive audio adventure. The game was reviewed well and has gone on to become a book series. Definitely a career highlight.

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“…could pave the way for a whole new category in mobile entertainment.”

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