TITLE Star Crusader
DEVELOPED BY Take 2 Interactive
PUBLISHED BY Take 2 Interactive
ROLE Producer, Designer, Writer

DESCRIPTION In the middle of a deep-space battle zone, players must choose sides in an interstellar war between an ever-expanding empire and a scrappy enemy alliance. Climb into the cockpit of space fighters armed with mind-blowing weaponry for over a hundred missions of rock-solid outer-space combat action.

RECOLLECTIONS What made this game unique was how the action and story stopped right in the middle and forced players choose for themselves which side of the interstellar war to support to the end. For the first time, players could play the game fully, from two opposing sides. This added a level of replayability that was groundbreaking. It also had a rich sci-fi story that drew inspiration from the medieval crusades. I got the idea for the surprise-twist ending when I was standing in front of the Sphinx during a visit to Egypt in 1993. Star Crusader was probably the best execution of any game that I designed.

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“Star Crusader is as riveting as any space combat title published this year, but it is the strategy component that vaults it into the upper echelons of entertainment software. F.J. Lennon’s plot about a galactic empire and an uneasy alliance formed to thwart its imperialistic designs is a compelling backdrop and motivation for the real-time combat.”

Over the course of his 25+ year career in the entertainmentsoftware industry, F.J. Lennon has been involved in the development of 50 original computer games and educational software titles. He has been the sole author or head writer of 20 of those products. Here is a look at some of his notable game credits:

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